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Aniket Sakinala

Hi @jenny, I’m having similar problems. I’m using the X2-60 as well but I have the EyeX SDK 1.6 and Tobii EyeX 2.0.2 The eye tracker is detected and works fine in Tobii Studio and Eye Tracker Browser. However, the EyeX fails to detect it. Henceforth, I think, none of the SDK samples are able to pick any events. They all build and run but there is no interaction.

From EyeX:
Eye tracker model: NA
Firmware version: NA
EyeX Controller driver version: 2.0.0
Service version
EyeX Engine version:
EyeX Config version:
EyeX Interaction version:

From Eye Tracking Settings:
Model name: X2-60_Compact
Firmware: 1.2.2

Windows 7, VS 2015