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Jenny [Tobii]

I thought the new 2.0.0 EyeX Controller driver (with internal release date Oct 14 2015) included the fix for McAffee, but it did not. It included some other updates for the driver to work better on Windows 10.

The fix for McAffee is planned to be included in the next EyeX software bundle release. For those of you who want to get access to this fix pre-release, let us know here and we’ll send the files and instructions to the e-mail address registered with your account here on the Tobii Developer Zone.

Ron (@promixis),
Even though you do not have McAffee installed, it might be that your issue is similar to the McAffee issue if there is some other software/driver that uses the same non-unique ID as the EyeX Controller on your system. I believe the fix for McAffee was to change to a unique ID for the EyeX Controller (though I haven’t been able to confirm this with my firmware colleagues just yet). Do you want me to send you the files with the fix so you can try it out?

Megan (@mebessusn),
The device can get stuck in initializing for more than one reason. Do you have McAffee installed on your system?