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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi Kevin,

I’m not sure what you are suggesting. Let me start by describing what we currently support, in my words:

The width of the calibration is supposed to cover the whole display area of the screen you setup for eye tracking with EyeX. Currently we support screen display sizes up to 27″, where the eye tracker is attached to the bottom the monitor, and your eyes are about an arm’s length from the eye tracker. Within these bounds it is supposed to work to do a calibration and rotate your head a bit to the left and right while using/calibrating the eye tracker.

With this description in mind, how does your suggestion to for example “setup a 1920×1080 calibration” fit in? Are you suggesting that the calibration should not cover the whole screen area? Or something else? Or are you suggesting that it would be possible to set up a sub-portion of the display for eye tracking in the EyeX Display Setup?