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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi James,

Hm, I think Patrik misunderstood the original question. What we support is the use of a projector as a secondary monitor, duplicating what is displayed on a monitor where an EyeX Controller is attached.

For example, if you have a laptop with an EyeX Controller mounted on the laptop display, and want to demo your new and exiting game with eye-gaze features on a big screen using a projector, you do like this:
1) before attaching the projector to the laptop:
1.1) set the laptop screen resolution to the same resolution as the projector
1.2) do a calibration
2) attach a projector to the laptop, and duplicate the laptop screen to the projector
3) demo your game

It is not currently possible to use the EyeX Settings or API to set up the eye tracker to be mounted anywhere else than directly on a laptop or desktop display. The setup you are describing would require another kind of advanced screen setup that we currently do not support in EyeX.