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Hi, my first post here to bump this too.

I installed it, fighting a lot with USB3.0 drivers vs device. After that I could try it with DayZ and Elite Dangerous. Worked very good. But it was never recognised by Arma3. In Arma3 config it appears the freetrack as a device ready to work but it doesn’t.

In Infinite Screen, it continues saying that “run fist time to be ready” but nothing happens.
I changed the 0 to 1 in every profile, replaced freetrack dll, tried to run arma3 from Steam or directly, even trying to deactivate and activate again freetrack from arma config. I even compared Infinite Screen config file for DayZ and Arma3 but without conclusion. Nothing worked 🙁

I also think about that TrackIr way to be recognized in some games. I’d say to create a default head-tracker-like profile or a custom one for each game. This way it can be used in a lot of games/simulators (I’d love to have it in Falcon BMS) and also be specifically developed for others.

Cheers and waiting for a solution