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Henrik [Tobii]


We’re working on a solution for this problem. Until then, here are two things you try that might help resolve the issue:

– Make sure that you do not have a previous installation of vJoy (check under Program and Features). Uninstall and reboot if you do.

– During the vJoy-installation. Uncheck all of the the “Companion Applications” (Demo vJoy Feeder application, vJoy Configuration application, vJoy Monitoring application) before continuing the installation.

– After you’ve installed the Infinite Screen Extension and had the vJoy installer fail – download and install vJoy version 2.0.5 (Infinite Screen Extension installs vJoy 2.1.6). It’s available for download here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vjoystick/files/Beta%202.x/2.0.5-120515/
(again, unchecking the optional vJoy-components during installation might help).

Which versions of Windows are you using?