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Henrik [Tobii]

On test of vjoy and looking at config not input feed is coming from eyex, Windows joy,cpl shows a virtual joystick with no tracking info, its blank as if broken,I am guessing the other games require joystick output direct to the programs to function hence no eye tracking.
I would like to experiment with using Opentrack and Free pie ect but until we have a feed from eyex this is not going to be viable.

Infinite Screen Extension only feeds vJoy when it detects that a game that we use vJoy to “integrate” with is running (basically all games except the ones based on the ArmA-engine which uses the FreeTrack protocol).

If you want to check vJoy activity then you need to run one of the vJoy games (e.g. E:D), Alt-Tab to windows and then run “Monitor vJoy” (which should have been installed with vJoy unless you unchecked it during installation).