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Cheng Guo

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the reply.

I disconnected the eye tracker from my computer, and I run the MinimalGazeDataStream sample. I see “The connection state is now connected” printed in the console.

In the eye tracker control panel, it says “No eye tracker was found. Please plug in your eye tracker.”

Do you know why this is happening? (My guess is that the ConnectionStateChanged means connecting with the eye tracker engine but not the physical connection between the eye tracker and the computer?)

For disconnect the eye tracker properply, I did this

context.DisableConnection(); // context is InteractionContext
context = null;

In the MinimalGazeDataStream sample, the InteractionSystem is never instantiated, so I am not sure how to dispose it. Thus, all I can do is to dispose the InteractionContext object. Please let me know if this is correct.