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Henrik [Tobii]

I can’t replicate the other error at the moment, which I think is caused by me running 2 monitors in duplicate mode, but this is what I get when I start Horizons. (Like I said though, it still works in game, so I have no idea why it pops up)

The error message “Elite: Dangerous configuration file not found” means that some of the configuration files that ISE attempts to modify when it detects an ED/EDH launch cannot be found. I dare say that is has nothing to do with your monitor setup.

What is the content (open in Notepad) of “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings\StartPreset.start”?

Thinking on this, is it due to there being multiple versions of Elite installed?
Elite 32bit
Elite 64bit
Elite Horizons

Shouldn’t be an issue, they all save their bindings to the same location.

Thinking out loud, on the centre on enable and disable, is it possible for you to add a “mark/set as centre” option so we can set where we want the centre to be? Its not a big deal, but whilst you guys are heading for perfection ?

Do you mean like a hotkey for marking (in game) a view rotation as “center”?