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I got my EyeX yesterday and had it working in E:D within a few minutes.

However, today it works looking up and down, but not left and right.
If I look to the extreme right the view twists full right and only returns when I hit the reset headlook button in E:D

If I run vJoy monitor when E:D is running, I can see movement on the Y-Axis bar when I look up/down, but the X-Axis bar remains empty unless I look to the extreme right.

It seems like a calibration error, but I can’t see how to reset it.

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing InfiniteScreen a couple of times, but the calibration setting seems to be rememebered.

Is there any way to re-calibrate vjoy? Any other suggestions?

ISE attempts to verify that the VJoy device #1 is the only vJoy device and that all parameters of that device are properly set up. To make sure that the vJoy device has not entered a “broken state” you can shut down ISE (right click on the systray icon and click “Quit”) and then reset vJoy by running “Configure vJoy” and click “Reset All”. ISE should correctly recreate the vJoy device on startup.

Also, make sure that your EyeX is working properly and has been properly calibrated.