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Windows 7 64bit here and same issue with elite dangerous: horizons. It should be officially supported by infinite screen now but I can’t get it to work ingame

Tried that “old fix” replacing freetracklient with this http://files.update.tech.tobii.com/InfiniteScreen/freetrackclient.dll like instructed. Nothing. It’s still not working ingame even tho it’s working in calibration and intro

Any ideas?

Infinite scree does not depend on FreeTrackClient.dll for E:D. If E:D is the only game you’ve experienced problems in then I would advice to to revert the dll-switch.

Try running “Monitor vJoy” when the game is running and make sure that the two red axis indicators are moving around as you look around on the screen.

Also, make sure to contact our support if you have not done so already.