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Thanks so much, will try that tonight!

Please note that I’ve updated the steps (step 2)!

Btw, instead of hoping for the ‘magic’ of ISE to work, can’t you just detail what ISE writes into the bind files? I’ll happily do this myself. Just like the old DOS and Win 3.1 days :-).
And can’t we just let vJoy run all the time connected to the EyeX controller, if the only game we are using it for is E:D?

Sure. As long as ISE outputs properly to vJoy then add the following to the root node of your .binds file:
<MouseHeadlook Value=”0″ />
<HeadlookDefault Value=”1″ />
<HeadlookMode Value=”Bindings_HeadlookModeDirect” />
<Binding Device=”vJoy” Key=”Joy_YAxis” DeviceIndex=”0″ />
<Inverted Value=”0″ />
<Deadzone Value=”0.0″ />
<Binding Device=”vJoy” Key=”Joy_XAxis” DeviceIndex=”0″ />
<Inverted Value=”0″ />
<Deadzone Value=”0.0″ />

And: major kudos for being so responsive! It’s a pleasure working with you.

NP 🙂