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Ian Wells

Hello Henrik – Thanks for your reply.

I can confirm that the EyeX is working properly in windows before I run E:D – and gaze tracking continues to work properly when E:D is running.

I have followed your instructions above, however, when vJoy is reset and I run ISE again, I hear the USB disconnect, and reconnect sounds, but the ISE interface does not appear. ISE appears in Task Manager but nothing in the system tray.
I can “end task” ISE from Task Manager and then restart it, and the interface then appears.

When I run E:D and select headlook, the view immediately flips to the lower far left hand side of the cockpit.
When I reset headlook in E:D, the view centres and stays there as long as my gaze remains centered.
If I look up or down, even slightly, the view flips to the far top or far bottom of the screen.

If i look slightly left or right, the screen shows no movement. However if I look to the absolute left or right, the screen flips to the extreme left or right of the cockpit – this screen flipping between the exteremes very quickly induces nausea.

The EyeX is plugged directly into a USB 3.0 port on the computer. I also have a keyboard / mouse / X52Pro joystick plugged into a USB 3.0 extender, which is plugged into a second USB 3.0 port on the computer.
The MadCatz X52POro Windows 10 x64 drivers are also installed.

Do you have any other suggestions, that will bring this to a quick resolution? I don’t get much time to play E:D, and I have so far spent over 5Hrs of what time I do have trying to get the EyeX to work. As you can imagine, this is becoming very frustrating.