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Henrik [Tobii]

Do you have any other suggestions, that will bring this to a quick resolution?

Are you logged in as a standard user? You currently have to run ISE as administrator. Please try following the steps described in this post (do not skip any steps even if you’ve done them before):

If this doesn’t help then please do not hesitate to contact support. So far we’ve been very successful at resolving issues over a remote desktop session.

I don’t get much time to play E:D, and I have so far spent over 5Hrs of what time I do have trying to get the EyeX to work. As you can imagine, this is becoming very

I completely get it. I know exactly how frustrating and infuriating it can be when your get stuck with a piece of tech that you’re excited about (happens way too often). Never really pictured myself of “the other end” of that situation to be honest :P. I’m really amazed by the interest in the EyeX and ISE from the E:D community, it’s so cool to see that all your ideas and work as turned out to be something that people are really excited about. Not so cool when your software disappoints though. I can only thank you for being so patient.

We’re working hard to fix the know bugs and issues and also to further improve and expand ISE. The shear surge of users has us a bit overwhelmed but I’m sure we’ll get there. Please bear with us.