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Henrik [Tobii]

Also note that it ‘forgets’ the location of the eliteDangerous64 executable each time I run it. This makes me suspect I might have a permissions problem?

We’re investigating this bug atm. Try exiting ISE (by clicking the Infinite Screen Extension systray icon and selecting “Quit”) directly after you’ve configured all your settings. The settings should then be preserved when ISE starts.

I tried the substitution of the freetackclient dll as suggested in other entries, it had same behavior, so I put it back.

ISE currently uses vJoy and not FreeTrack for sending gaze data to E:D the changing the freeetrackclient.dll will not make any difference.

I looked through the logs found at [local app data]/tobbi Interaction/InteractionLog, here are some of the entries:

Tobii Interaction is a different component of the software stack and has nothing to do with ISE (unless it somehow crashes the engine service that ISE depends on). ISE erros are logged in %PROGRAMDATA%\Tobii\Tobii InfiniteScreen\Logs

Are you logged in as an admin user or a normal user?