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Robert [Tobii]

Hi Daniel,

The Gaze SDK and the EyeX SDK will both be maintained in parallel, and we will not port any features from the EyeX SDK to the Gaze SDK.

The reason (short version) is:

  • The Gaze SDK and EyeX SDK have different purposes
  • The Gaze SDK is cross-platform, low-level and will only change if the eye tracking hardware exposes new data or changes the protocol
  • The EyeX SDK uses the EyeX Engine, which is built on top of the EyeX SDK to extend the low-level SDK with out-of-the-box behaviors for high-level interactions and handling multiple interactors in multiple EyeX client applications, z-order etc. The downside is that the EyeX Engine is Windows-only.
  • While the Gaze SDK is more or less complete in terms of functionality, our main efforts at the moment is extending the EyeX Engine and SDK to make it super-easy to create applications with consistent and proven interaction.

We have tried to explain this further on the rex-setup page that you linked to, but it probably needs more clarification.

Thanks for the input regarding the download problem. We are working on that too 🙂