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Jeremy Jacobson

I didn’t purchase or install my x52 until after my windows 10 upgrade.

The eyex is wonderful equipment when it’s working. Takes getting used to the screen moving even when you don’t want it to, looking at Huds, etc.

I am consistently able to get it working now. But each time I reboot the computer it doesn’t work unless the vjoy controller is the first listed device in joy.cpl. it also requires me to remove my Saitek drivers each boot, close down ISE, reinstall ISE each boot. Play the vjoy reset all each boot. Then reinstall the Saitek drivers each boot. It is allot of steps each time my computer gets shut down but at least everything is working from that point. . Each boot.

I am looking forward to tobii being able to kick vjoy and utillize it’s own feeder and virtual input software, someday.