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Many devices are not design for research but still we use them for Quantified Self, Ubiquitous computing, HCi… Of course it’s not pixel perfect, but who care? Even the “professional” eye trackers are not pixel perfect. In some application case, EyeX can replace the mouse. Controlling the camera view by the eye gaze is exactly this principle!

My university bough around 20 EyeX used for research about education. We can’t do that with 10 or 100 times more expensive eye tracker. If our research about education application succeed, many family can afford to buy one EyeX to help their children to learn in a better way.

Tobii started a new revolution about eye tracking by proposing the EyeX model few years ago for gaming, but it’s really strange to not encourage researcher to use it for other applications… It can have only a positive impact on the company. Actually, I just discovered the research of Tim Tregubov because of his post, and it’s really great: changing the story of a graphical novel based on the eye gaze! It sounds so exiting, don’t you think?