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Henrik [Tobii]

That fixed it but it also caused another problem.

The eye tracking movement became erratic and Jerky, I presume your dev team have altered the way in which it works?

Anyway, is there a way to change it back to the way it was? Before the eye tracking movement had a sense of inertia and the camera slowed down as the object in focus neared the center of the screen.

Now the camera just seems to stop suddenly, and for me, it is less immersive.

As of version 1.1 E:D is supported through the FreeTrack protocol instead of VJoy. This gives us more direct control of the camera movement (and numerous other benefits) mainly because E:D does not do any form of “input smoothing” on data sent over FreeTrack as opposed to data sent over VJoy (to which E:D applies the same kind of input smoothing as it does to any other joystick). There was however an issue with 1.1 that made it stutter, this has been fixed as of today with 1.1.1 (download here). It’s a lot smoother than 1.1 but it’s still also a lot more responsive than pre 1.1.

We’ve previously regarded this inertia as something negative but it’s obviously a matter of taste (as just about everything else when it comes to eye tracking it seems) so we might look into adding some kind of “inertia”-slider for upcoming releases.

I have tried my previous ISE settings and spent an hour changing them to try and achieve somewhere close to what I had before (larger/smaller gradients and dead zones, and at different speeds settings).

It’s making me want to go back to the previous ISE and put up with the uri bug.

Please advise?

I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to get exactly the same feeling of inertia by changing the sensitivity settings. My best guess at getting close to the previous experience would be to settings like 2.0/1.3/0.9.

Otherwise I guess your best option right now is to go back to 1.0.2 :(.