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Henrik [Tobii]

I have seen videos of the technology being used by others with elite and it does look awesome, but I did buy it for elite dangerous. The most frustrating part is that the error messages generally lack enough information to be useful. As an experienced software engineer, may I humbly suggest something of the form “module:method:variable:message” or “class:member:message” depending on your software paradigm on all your error logs.

With the above error, I get no indication of what function, or variable is the problem. Same with the previous error regarding the xml. No statement as to which xml file had no root or which function/method was attempting to read the file.

I’m probably just talking to the wind here, but on the off chance a developer gets this advice and is not inhibited by pride to receive it, it will greatly help your future efforts.

As for me, I’m not angry, but I feel the fool when I get disappointed too many times and will have to give up soon.

No worries, I’m a developer and I hear you.

We try to present helpful error messages in those rare cases where a user without any knowledge of the internal workings of the system could be expected and/or instructed to perform an action that could help remedy the problem. Blurting out long and intimidating stack traces is not very helpful for the normal user (they might even respond negatively to it) and that is why we present a limited error message to the user while logging more detailed information of the exception in the aforementioned log files.

I’m sorry that you’ve had to hit one error after another (you’ve hit a lot of “firsts” as well I’m afraid) but know that we’re working hard at resolving all of the issues that you and all other users have encountered.