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Tage Borg

Yes, I’ve reset the controls to KB+M and tried that.

The log ends with “Joystick Acquired!”,so not much to go by there. Further up I see something that looks like partial stack traces about keyboard and mouse as well, ut the messages are tagged with “WARN” rather than “ERR”.

I have spent the evening reinstalling ED:H, the X52 and EyeX (the latter using the Steelseries software since it’s really a Sentry). All to no avail. I cannot get the gaze trace to overlay in the game (after setting the game to borderless mode) so I can see that the device is active while I play the game. But no “camera following my gaze”.

I guess the device->ED:H communication is just a matter of ED:H reading data from a device driver. But which one?

I had a short weird episode where I trued to bind the enable/Disable key in ISE to ‘x’, but ISE registered this as ‘Joy_27+x’. My X52 was “idle” (i.e. no input from any buttons or the throttle). Does this ring a bell? I got rid of that by switching USB ports for the X52 and now (of course) I cannot reproduce it.

Currently I have two hypotheses:

1. My X52 is interfering with my Sentry in some way. I have tested LOTS of things by now. But I am not 100% certain I have tested uninstalling the X52 drivers, restarting the computer and then testing ED:H with the Sentry. I am not sure I can be arsed to do this tonight; I want to play, too 🙂

2. I am a special case in that I never owned the “base” ED. Perhaps the version of ED:H that I have therefore is missing something that people who upgraded form ED have. If this is the case, I am out of luck.

My whole setup is very basic since I do not use Windows for anything but gaming. My only USB devices are a plain keyboard a plain mouse, the X52 and the Sentry. Oh, and one monitor is plugged in as well as a hub, but nothing is connected to it. I do not have any other software than Steam (and games in Steam), Chrome (for downloading drivers without needing to touch IE), the Tobii stack and since today also the Steelseries bloatware. For antivirus, I use MS’s own antivirus whatsname. The MS firewall is also enabled but I cannot see how that would interfere.