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Henrik [Tobii]

2. Start ED 64-bit; start training/target practice. No eye tracking.
3. Start ED:H 64-bit; start training/target practice. Still no eye tracking.
4. Start ED 32-bit; start training/target practice. YES! EYE-TRACKING!!1!eleven!

This most likely means that the ProcessMonitor doesn’t detect the process launch of EliteDangerous64.exe, which is interesting in it’s own right.

Quit ISE and then run Tobii.Oem.Gaming.InfiniteScreen.ProcessMonitor.exe. It will output the started and closed processes it can detect to the console. So you if for example start Notepad should see something like:

Try launching ED:H 64-bit while the process monitor is running and check if an “EliteDangerous64.exe”-entry shows up.