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I am still confused about the differences between EyeX and the REX. You told us that they are virtually the same product disregarding availability and price.

As the EyeX will be delivered in the next couple of weeks I’m wondering who would buy the REX after the EyeX is released…

Furthermore there is a difference in the hardware between both products. As far as I know the EyeX requires USB 3.0, the REX demands only USB 2.0… So there must be some differences under the hood.

And then there are the X2 sensors and the PCEye Go…

I can understand that these devices all target different markets but for your customers it is a really difficult situation. As I mentioned I’m planning to use the sensor to develop some application to control robots. The EyeX is targeted at the consumer market, the PCEye Go is developed for controlling the computer with the eye and the X2 for analyzing gaze.

As I am tight on budget, the affordable EyeX is very attractive. On the other hand I don’t want to get disappointed and have to accept limitations I am not aware of.

Please give us a short explanation with what are the core differences in the hardware and in the software for all of these devices. Especially the difference between the EyeX and the REX would be of high interest.