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I have to admit my classification of the EyeX sensor as simply another webcam might be a bit harsh. I am pretty sure there is a lot of effort in the hardware side of the product, too.

However, nobody can expect miracles when you sell a hardware device for USD 99. I am pretty sure you have to rely on mass produced parts in many domains to stay in the budget. I doubt the EyeX sensor is comparable with the much more expensive devices in Tobii’s shelf. That is what I wanted to point out when I made this comment.

As you described by yourself there is a lot of software going on in the product and I would express my respect for all the work and clever ideas to bring such a wonderful experience for such a low cost consumer-friendly budget to the market. The real differences between the main commercial and non-commercial alternatives is not mainly in the hardware but in the software. That’s my two cents.

Kudos for Tobiis developer team, to make this happen.

(It would be nice if you can comment on my other question of the specific hardware differences of the upcoming PCEyeX and the REX, thanks)