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Zplintz Zee

I ran vjoy config and added a new device (2). The registry already held the correct values so I didn’t change anything.

Loaded ISE (without issues – yay! Thank You).

Loaded ED and the tracking was a little wild (need some tweaking on the settings there).

I have been using Voice Attack to turn my head tracking on and off, so I tried to set the EyeX on/off and Centre toggles to the same keys (56 and f5) but when ever I select a key it is showing Joystick 29 + F5 or Joystick 29 + F6.

I tried unplugging my joystick, the Eyex and Voice Attack but it is still picking up Joystick 29 from somewhere (and doesn’t pick up the keypress from keyboard directly or from Voiceattack). The EyeX is no longer being picked up by ED and will not toggle on).

Am I missing something with ISE or do I have a rogue device somewhere on my machine now?