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Lets see if i can say that a little easier.

When i calibrate my Main (middle) monitor the resolution is set to 2560×1080, everything works great. Playing Elite Dangerous with the InfiniteScreen is really fun and works well once the settings are customized correctly.

The Problem I have is i would like to play Elite dangerous using my other two monitors, one on the left, one on the right of my eyex. Each one of these monitors is a 1920×1080 resolution. I am using AMD so i enable the eyefinity setup that now turns my triple screen resolution into 6400×1080. the eyeX wants me to calibrate to this new resolution as it thinks its one long monitor. Sadly it places the calibration points (pink dots) over on the side monitors so i have to move my eye as far left as possible and then the eyex loses track.

I think the fix for this is to somehow keep the eyeX only to the middle display 2560×1080. this is similar to a problem when maximizing windows using eyefinity as it stretches your window across all three, amd used to have a program called displayfusion that worked well for this but if im right it no longer works correctly as it has not been updated.

This way even though while using three monitors for my simulation games, i never have to move my eyes off of the middle screen.

Is there a way i can manually change what the calibrations resolution is?…….like i had to do for fallout 4 =/

PS: I have sort of gotten this to work by looking in the incorrect calibration locations but this makes the tracking very, very poor and i don’t really want to use the eyeX as it is more difficult than using mouse look.