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I’ve read that you are using the eyex Tracker with a surface pro 3 with great results.

I just want to ask you about the details of your Surface Tablet. Are you using the version with a i5 or i7 processor? and how many RAM does your tablet have? 4Gb or 8Gb?

I’m intending to buy a surface pro to use it with the tobii EyeX and the optikey Software.
Its for my father who got a cerebral infarct. So Its not for gaming or something like that.

The System Requirement on the tobii website says that
2.0 GHz quad core Intel i5 or i7. 8GB RAM is neccessery. But thats higher than the hardware of a surface pro.

Does it maybe work with a i5 4gb or 8gb RAM? What is your experience.

Thanks and hope for your help.