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Emmanuel Vrebos

Hello everyone !

I just got my eyetracker but not fully satisfied because I’ve got the same problem as Theo: no “Windows Hello” available …

but it seems that I am up to date with windows 10 : V.1511, build 10586.164 ( as it is automatically daily updated )

_ I have also the latest version of EyesX drivers :
Eye Tracker Model : SteelSeries Sentry
Tobii EyeX Controller Core version: 2.0.9
Firmware version: 2.0.2-33638
Tobii EyeX Controller Driver version: 2.0.4
Tobii Service version:
Tobii EyeX Engine version:
Tobii EyeX Config version:
Tobii EyeX Interaction version:

> Can you help me please ?