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James Harford

May I suggest that you reduce the “inertia” effect as the tracked object approaches screen center?

It seems the problem described by the OP is that it is hard for eyes to track an object that suddenly jerks into motion upon glancing at it. Hence initially giving the object inertia is useful. But as a tracked object enters the central region of low speed sensitivity or “deadzone”, inertia is not needed, as the object naturally slows smoothly to a stop. Inertia within the deadzone could actually be unhelpful since it resists this slowing and if the speed slider is too high this momentum can carry the object completely through the deadzone past screen center, resulting in a “bounce” or even an oscillation about screen center. I certainly observed this effect when I used the 1.0.2 version, and could only solve it by setting an otherwise perfectly fine speed setting to a lower value.