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Michael Lehner

I have a crash problem with this new version. The behaviour is like this:
– I restart the computer. According to the given settings, the IDE starts automatically.
– I start up Elite Dangerous. No problem yet while the launcher is open, as soon as i start the game i get this message: “Der Objektverweise wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.” (German operating system. )
– With this message, the IDE stops working.
– When restarting the IDE by the desktop symbol, it then works properly.

I tried to find additional info on this problem, but the error message holds limited information. It seems to be a NullReferenceException, but there can be like dozens of reasons for that, so i couldn’t tell you more about it. 🙁

On my used OS: It’s Windows 7, 64 bit, if that helps. For any other info, just reply here, the notification is switched on.