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Edward Ryklin


That’s not true. It is trivial to save data from the EyeX, however the SDK license agreement prohibits it. There is no implementation that prevents saving data. Are you sure you even know what you’re talking about? There was in fact an email sent out mentioning that this license clause may change. I may need to go dig it up.

Without being able to save data, we can not even do a comparative study between the EyeX and other eye trackers to validate any of your accuracy and precision claims Tobii makes about the EyeX.

Furthermore, I specifically stated that I am working with a PCEYEGO not an EyeX. Perhaps you miss understood that part of my message? I am using the EyeX driver to communicate with the PCEyeGo and was inquiring if I can save the PCEYEGO’s data in spite of that.

Thanks for your attention!