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The comments from Kevin are well done but I would disagree with EyeX being a great product. It is nice and if you get a discount and have the money to spare go for it.

My main problem is that calibration is something that Tobii needs to work on at the highest priority. The accuracy is more hit than miss. I do get gute used to that the cross hairs snap in the general direction where I am looking. The pre aim is indeed gone, only to be replaced by adjusting the aim after you pressed the button for ADS.
I am not sure if snapping in the general direction and subsequent adjustment is better than pre-aim. This is only relevant if you are in cover, doing pre-aim you are in cover, while ADS exposes you. With per-aim you know in which direction you would need to adjust, while with gaze to aim you will only know after you pressed ADS.

I stringy agree that when looking at HUD elements some aiming should be disabled. I have it happen that during some fights I shoot, get back in cover (I do not move the mouse so circle stays in the general direction of the enemy) glance at bullets in mag and if OK go back to shooting. At that point my aim snaps to somewhere behind my XP bar. aim lost, big adjustment needed and I am exposed. But this i think would be on Massive side to fix.

I would also love that if I look at the area of the general circle gaze aim would be disabled. I can see that tracking is not always nicely grouped but being a rather wide area. This would reduce some “jumpiness”.

I am not sure how deep Tobii is involved in the tracking programming for the division but in the boo there is a shooting range with pop-up targets. It would be great if that could be used for refine in game calibration.

To finalize my comments: this could really be nice but since there is currently no way to adjust calibration I do not recommend this to my friends. I had some asking. I also would advise that the second generation product will include an ambient light sensor. Currently I have about three calibration profiles to be used with different light situations in my room.

EyeX is promising and I hope you will improve on the software rather fast to improve usefulness.