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Jesper Enbom

Hallå Temaran!

You can mark this as Solved! What you said didn’t solve my issue but it might be part of how I got it to finally work. This is a really thorough and well-explained post you did and I hope it can help others that might have that issue!

I found that there was a part of the code that did not have the correct naming convention. Instead of UNavMovementComponent which the problem that I had, it said UNavRenderingComponent. There was nothing in the code with that name and therefore it never could finish building.

If anyone else has this issue you can find UNavRenderingComponent in EyeXMathHelpers.cpp.

Thank you for your post without it I might not have tried to fix the other issue I had and never gotten around to actually solve the problem. Now I just hope it goes smoothly to implement the eye tracking to my project.

Thanks again!