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@Grant, thank you for your response!

We use no USB dongle. We use the build-in wifi card. Since some days there is the same error on a DELL XPS 15″. That means the wifi connection is influenced on 3 different notebook models we have in use (DELL XPS 13, DELL XPS 15, Lenovo IdeaPad U430).
In order to exclude our own software as source of the fault we could reproduce the behavior by connecting the EyeX, fix it on the iron plate and turn it on with the EyeX-engine-software. No other software was involved. As work around, we place the EyeX without any fixation on the notebook’s keyboard. Unfortunately, this is very fragile and not optimal.
Do you have a more accurate pointer to the “plate of plastic” approach? Perhaps a 3D model for printing it? I’m very grateful for any information. We have 20 EyeX in intensive use and the wifi problem is very serious for us. Our sales colleague already needed a new notebook model because of this.