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Maximilian Steger

Hello Grant and Emelie,

I apologies, that it took me so long to actually post a Update for my Problem.

I’ve tested everything over Sunday and Monday and it seems to work now! In the beginning I’ve had some updating issues… I don’t know why, it just didn’t let me in the beginngin, though removing the entire software and then reinstalling the new one fixed it for me.
Everything is smooth again and it didn’t disconnect since then, my games doesnt really suffer from Connect / Disconnect problems either, thats why I needed to test it over the days because in some previous builds of the software the Eyetracker startet flickering and my Games dropped massively frames and started freezing. So far nothing like this happened anymore…

I have another question tho. The Steelseries Sentry comes with 2 Magnetic Stripes for the Monitor, now ive already moved to newer Monitors already and always had to use a new magnetic stripe since they bend broken and I wasnt able to stick the Sensor on it anymore.

My Question is, is there a way to get new Magnetic stripes? I’ve contacted Steelseries a few Month already but unfortionately they said they can’t provide me new ones… They didnt even told me what else i could do… Is there any way to get some from you guys?

Thank you so much and you guys are really awesome, I’ve never thought that you would even come back to me to recheck if the problem is still there and without your posts I wouldn’t even have updated it again since I thought it’s a Hardware problem on my end and I was actually pretty sad about it already. Now I can enjoy many more hours with it while streaming and recordning 🙂

Thanks again.