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Hei Sogeki

From your description it seems our issues are related. My issue is specifically the rectangular boundaries that are set by ISE. It would be infinitely more natural if the boundaries were ovoid, rather than rectangular. I think the issue would be solved if there were an option in the view angle limits section of ISE that could round the corners of this rectangular boundary. If the boundary is elliptical, it should also mask the discontinuity you spoke of.

//Video showing unnatural view limits
Shows the headlook boundaries with my reduced view angle limits, then I try to mimic a head tracking device’s “intuitive” or natural view range, then to simulate tracing a ship flying overhead.


//Discord conversation of the issue:

Hei Sogeki – Today at 6:01 PM
Hey, does anyone know if the corners of the headlook range can be rounded?

Orange Spark – Today at 6:01 PM
what do you mean

Hei Sogeki – Today at 6:03 PM
I just got the tobii eyeX. I turned the pitch and yaw range down in the device’s settings so I don’t twist my character’s head off and I don’t look too far away from my hud when tracing enemy pilots in battle.
The problem is when I look around at my peripherals, the headlook cam traces a square. I’d rather the corners of that square be rounded, so it’s more like rolling your head around irl.
Instead of “tilts head in a vertical line – hard stop – turns horizontal line – hard stop – down vertical – stop – etc.”
Just wondering if there was already a mod that can alter the vjoy range for head tracking / eye tracking devices
Or if the range was accessible in a game file, similar to the way you can change your hud color

Orange Spark – Today at 6:10 PM
I don’t use a headtracking device so I’m afraid I can’t help you with this

Hei Sogeki – Today at 6:11 PM
Okay, I haven’t found anything via Google, so I thought I’d find an addon forum or post on frontier forums. Just stopped here first.
I’ll keep looking for now, but thanks.

Orange Spark – Today at 6:13 PM
IIRC @Pleijpje uses some sort of headtracking device
maybe he can help

Hei Sogeki – Today at 6:16 PM