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Alan McNicol

I’m at the start of a project to develop some hardware & software to help a profoundly disabled teenager have some control over her environment. She was deprived of oxygen at birth and suffered substantial brain damage. She cannot speak or read and has very limited motor control. She does enjoy music and TV and an obvious improvement to her life would be to give her the ability to switch these on and off, change channel etc. The family are friends of mine and they do not have much money so I offered my services for free. Eye tracking is one approach of several I am considering as part of the system. I had it mind to develop my own eye/head tracking software based on a reasonably high resolution camera and openCV (which I have experience of) but since the EyeX is inexpensive and well developed already I thought it would be worth a look. The Windows only element is unfortunate as I had it in my mind to use Raspberry Pi/beaglebone black type hardware but I know you do other systems as well that would be compatible with these and the EyeX offers me a platform to evaluate the SDK. Given the intended user of the system is not typical, I believe access to lower level code would increase the chances of successful use of the hardware in this application.