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Alan McNicol

There are a couple of versions; one employs dynamic linking and the other static. The statically linked version is the more up to date and it is also complete in the sense that the comments have been converted to an xml style more friendly to the ‘code insight’ system I use. There are a couple of hard coded paths to the dll files in the eyeX.pas header file that would need to be adjusted or removed by any user.

When converting the functions to a delphi header variables passed as pointers always provide a design choice. One can pass it as a simple parameter with the ‘var’ declaration in delphi which means it is passed a pointer but this is transparent to the user, however, where a null pointer is allowed (as is often the case in the eyeX library) this cannot be done with a var parameter. In that case a pointer must be used instead. I think I’ve made sensible choices in each case but there are a lot of functions and a few may need to be altered. In addition where C structs have been converted to delphi records it is possible there may be errors if the byte alignment differs (easily fixed once identified). I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it is an early version and subject to revision.

I can upload the eye tracking test project as well if you wish. I haven’t written a delphi version of the c++ class yet but it looks trivial to implement.

The eyeX.pas header file is a little over 8500 lines long, and the eye tracking project is several files. Where would you like me to upload them? I could do it as inline code here but it would be a big post…