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Nic Zuraw

Sorry for the late reply – we’ve been without power following major storms in South Australia. I’ve since ergonomically set up my desk and monitor, so I I made a few adjustments to my EyeX setup. Though I dismantled my make-shift assembly to make it more permanent, so alas haven’t got photos yet!

The Mount:
I’ve adapted a bicycle computer mount by originally securing the long end to the stand with cable ties in a figure of eight – this allowed me to change the near/far distance from the screen. On the round end of the mount I secured the ExeY – this was originally just double sided sticky tape to change angle etc. By utilising the length of the mount it was really trial and error on position, but I found that the following position worked best for me.

The top of the EyeX is level with the bottom of the bottom bezel (which is 25mm) and protrudes 2cm from the bottom-middle of the screen to the back of the EyeX. Due to my new seating position I have had to rotate the EyeX to point upwards by about 5 degrees – this was easily adjusted by using the EyeX calibration to ensure it sees my eyes in the centre of the screen. Then it’s just a case of running the Display Setup to align the bars on the unit.

I tried all my tests again and still very happy – so now I’m off to play Arma 3 for a bit :p

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