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Thanks for the comment. Do you have any specs about the accuracy over the field of view? To be more concrete: The REX is designed to work with screens up to 27 inches. 1cm of error should be acceptable for this size, but on a 10 inch screen this error would be huge…

Interpreting your statement I suggest the REX is operating in a 60 degree field of view properly. But how is the error rate distribution over this field of view? It is obvious that the error rate is higher at the borders of the screen than in the center. Do you have a guideline for designing the interface in dependence of the screen size in degrees?

Regarding the firmware I may get into trouble. I bought the REX in advice of one of your colleges who pointed out that the REX has two main advantages over the EyeX. It is available now and it has some basic cross platform functionality. First I had to wait for over a month for the REX to arrive and now I have to learn that the device shipped to me is currently not compatible with other operating systems… I bought this device for developing under Linux and now I got stuck…

I know that all these products are under development but when deciding to release this product to the public with a given specs sheet you should try as hard as you can to give the customer what you have promised. As I have to plan my further proceedings as well, a statement when I can expect my device to be fully functional would be very welcome.