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Thanks for your reply,,,

I know why the delay happened.
I’m using ‘OpenCV’ library, and i add the function like ‘waitKey’ to display the image or to get ‘key input’ in ‘HandleEvent’.
So, delay happened. (function ‘waitKey(delaytime)’ waits for delaytime)

But, i still need to get ‘user key input’ because i need to save or use ‘gaze data’ for my experiments.

I have some new questions…

1) I want to bring the ‘gaze data’ to ‘main’ function, then use the ‘gaze data’ in ‘main’ function.
But, i don’t know how to do that. (not always need to bring data to main function, bring data when i want to)
(i don’t know how to get out ‘gaze data, eye position data, etc’ to ‘main function’ or outside of ‘HandleEvent’ function)

2) If i need ‘user key input’ in ‘HandleEvent’ without delay, what should i do that?
(for example, when i press ‘b’ key, save the ‘gaze data’ for a while in .txt file)

3) Sample code ‘MinimalGazeDataStream.c’ exit the process, when i press any key. (because of ‘_getch()’ i think)
But i want to change that when i press a specific key(like ‘space key’ or ‘a’) then the process is terminated.
How can i do that?