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Hi Anders,

Already got the unit and starting development 🙂

Sorry for re-posting, but it’s a question related to the initial post (the question on how to handle larger displays is still open and would be amazing to have a recommendation).

Regarding calibration with custom look using Gaze SDK in combination with EyeX SDK for everything else, I’m trying to see how to connect the two. I see there is a sample in the Gaze SDK called MinimalCalibration, which demonstrates clearly how to do a custom look calibration.

In the function handler: void stop_calibration_handler(tobiigaze_error_code error_code, void *user_data), user_data stores the just finished calibration from what I understand.

The problem I have is how to pass this calibration to the EyeX SDK, as it by default uses the calibration stored in the system. Looking at the documentation it always says that the EyeX system takes care of the calibration, so I can’t see any function to pass EyeX SDK the calibration done with the Gaze SDK in the same application.

Any help with be amazing as we’re very stuck with this.

Thanks in advance!!