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Hi Julio,
the larger screen sizes shouldn’t be a problem as such, since you have limited needs for accuracy. The viewing distance might be more of an issue: the user will still have to be within the track box and people tend to stand further away from a larger screen. But it’s worth a try!

The EyeX Engine can be configured for larger screens and non-standard mountings. It requires some configuration hacks, though, and that workflow hasn’t been documented yet. I’ll post an update as soon as I have something I can share.

Regarding the sharing of calibrations: the eye tracker will always have a “current calibration” which it keeps until it’s disconnected or power cycled. The EyeX Engine downloads the calibration for the current user profile when it connects to the tracker, as well as when you switch profiles. If you connect to the tracker using the Gaze SDK and run a calibration, it will override the calibration that the EyeX Engine has set. So you don’t need to do anything else in addition to just running the calibration: it will take effect immediately and will be used until another calibration is set.