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Hi Anders,

Thanks again for your answers!! Some comments/questions/findings:

– Larger screen size: we have tested it with a 37″ display, and the EyeX itself works very well in terms of tracking. It has no issues. The problem is exactly what you suggested, people would need to be farther away with such a large screen and from our tests, the tracker starts loosing the eyes from 90cm on (distance eye-to-screen). With this 90cm as max eye distance limit, it seems that a screen of 32″ would be the max size that people would “allow” without wanting to go farther from it.

I guess the tracker would need to have a tele lens on the camera to be able to track the eyes farther away.

My question is: when you mention: “The EyeX Engine can be configured for larger screens and non-standard mountings. It requires some configuration hacks”… what do you mean? From our tests it worked ok so I’m wondering what would those hacks be for?

– Regarding the calibrations mixing Gaze and EyeX SDK, you’re totally right, works like a charm and we can mix them without communicating them in terms of code 🙂

Thanks again!