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Hey @grant-rogers,

Thanks for getting back to me!

I feel I wasn’t very clear with my explanation. Here’s another video in another example I put together that showcases the problem a bit more. Here I am trying to focus my gaze on the gravestone that is visible and I understand that my eye does move very slightly, however the large jumps above the gravestone are what I don’t understand.

I have the Tobii eyeX tool on my taskbar and when I enabled the “Gaze Trace” feature of that it works exactly as I am expecting. It does have a small amount of movement as you’ve explained, but it never does a large jump like the gif I linked to. For the sake of completeness, I’ve asked four different people to setup profiles on my machine and try the scene I setup, all experience the same issue as I have.

This problem also occurs in one of the demo’s that is provided with the unityPackage for the Tobii eyeX. Here is another video I took using the “02_SimpleGazeSelection” scene where I am trying to focus on my cursor and while it does a great job of that, sometimes it will give me gaze points very high above my cursor which I am not focusing on. I zoomed in on this video to show it much more clearly (because the dots are fairly small) but that was just for you to see, the same thing occurs when there is no zoom.

Thanks again for your time, Grant!

Edit : I forgot to mention, I have two eyeX cameras and this happens with both of them so it’s unlikely that it’s a faulty device. They also both work exactly as I’m expecting them to when I use the tool’s “Gaze Trace” feature.