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Hi again 🙂

Another question here about the custom look calibration:

We have implemented the custom look tracking in our app, mixing both EyeX and Gaze SDKs as suggested and it’s working well, but we were wondering one thing to make it as robust as possible: In the Gaze SDK, when we call tobiigaze_calibration_add_point_async to track the eyes for a certain normalized screen coordinate, we don’t know if the system gets a single measurement of the eyes, or a few and averages them? We were wondering in case the person blinks at that point or something like that… so were thinking about calling tobiigaze_calibration_add_point_async several times per tracking coordinate, in order to average the measurements?. But we don’t know if that will work well, or even if the Gaze SDK is already averaging a few measurements (as we see the IR lights blinking several times).

Any advice would be amazing to make this robust.