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Indeed, but keep in mind ours is quite a rare edge case that not many have encountered… so far us 2 are the only I know of when searching the web…

I have other friends with a 4C that have no hassles. and it took a lot of log digging and troubleshooting to get to the route… as our issue isn’t the standard “being blocked by a virus scanner” issue.

although this is the only device that I have this particular issue with… although digging into the working of the Tobii 4C I do notice that they use rather creative ways to get the eyetracker to communicate with windows. quite interesting stuff, but as with all niche tech, windows will throw a curve ball sometimes,

here is my batch file… be sure to close ISE first as it wont recognize the eyetracker if you don’t close and open it (the batch file opens ISE after rebooting the service)

be sure to right click and “run as administrator” when using the batch file

net stop “Tobii Service”
net start “Tobii Service”
cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii InfiniteScreen”
Start Tobii.InfiniteScreenExtension.exe