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Hi Grant,

No problem,

I don’t have a Soundblaster Card, using the onboard on my MSI 990FXA-GD65 (Realtek card)

I have tried all the troubleshooting steps regarding antivirus etc (using windows 10 built in Defender), I even found that some of the anti microsoft privacy measures I put in place was causing windows hello to not funtion properly (it was disabling usage of the camera in the lock screen)

I have a support ticket open with Tom Jiang Feedback ID: (15256) where we have been checking things off the list regarding interfering candidates, in that support ticket I have included my system information in a .nfo file and the Tobii logs at the time of the error occurring.

If necessary I can forward that info (Just don’t want to post links to the files here as they contain personal info regarding my setup)

Kind Regards,