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D Jones

Thanks, I upgraded to the 4c from the EyeX. I had to completely remove any residual footprint for both software parts and cleanly install them again. There was some issue removing the service, no log but it just took a long time for the operation to complete.

I do have anti virus, but I’ve already disabled it when this issue first started. I did have a USB2.0 hub when I used the EyeX, but I have removed that as I have a plethora of USB connections on the mobo, with a couple of USB2.0 on the chassis.

Coincidentally, I booted up this morning leaving the device unplugged. The Tobii Eye Tracking software automatically loads on startup and the System Tray showed the spinning waiting wheel and finished saying it could not detect any Eye Tracker connected. I thought I’ll plug the device into (another USB2.0 port) and see what happens. The device was recognised and is now working. I won’t restart for while if I can help it.

I’ve sent my %temp% files to Tobii support (Darren has been brilliant). Hopefully that will shed some light on the issue.