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i have trouble with my EyeX. when connecting tracker it shows message box – “USB connection problem. we are sorry but the eye tracker seems to have difficulties communicating with this USB3.0 port. Make sure that device is properly connected. if the problem persists, please see our FAQ or contact support.”

i see couple USB 3.0 controllers in Device manager. Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller,Intel(R) USB 3.0 Root Hub, ASMedia USB3.0 eXetnsible Host controller and another two USB 3.0 Hub, which has no name. all drivers are up to date. i even reinstalled them. i can see device in Device manager.

Connecting to all of those controllers it shows same message and is trying to reset the device continuously.. making sound each time of reseting, until i plug out the tracker.

i tried to install old version of Eyex software but result still same. i did see on your page that is not supporting ASMedia controller, but just a month ago i was able to connect to any usb 3.0 port and was working perfectly.

none of samples are working as device can’t be connected.

Currently is running on windows 7, and there are other people who is experiencing same problem on Windows 10.

Any help available currently?